Here you can find previous work I have done in the last years, it has been such a wild and fun ride. Everything from my own retreats & events to working at well known Swedish and Portugeese yoga and wellness centers & brands.

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Shambala Gatherings

Kitchen Apprentice April-Aug 2021
Kitchen Leader July-Aug 2022

Working for ex. Yandara yoga teacher training, Sama Yoga, Sharada Devi – Be woman project, Midsummer celebration, among many many more…

Kärlingesund retreat center

Head chef at Kärlingesund retreat center 2022

Dearmoring with Åsa Kullberg | Year long program with Åsa Kullberg | Mahamudra with Daniel Odier | Zen Coaching module 3 & 4 with Kåre Landfald | Family constellations with Svagito Liebermeister| The mystery of death and life – Psykosyntes with Cecilia Angelin och Milena Bergquist

Wild Feminine Rising

To give and recieve womans gatherings 2021 & 2022 at Sju Sjöar Konferens
Hosts: Jennie Carlsson, Maja Torbjörnsdotter, Emma Bossmark, Belinda Jakobsson, Sandra Elg & Sanna Rask

Magma Movements

Hosting two events with yoga, free movements and mindful eating with nourishing delisious food at fröjdas restaurant in Stockholm, 2021.

Hosts: Maja Torbjörnsdotter, Josefin Talebi Söderby, Sanna Rask