About Sanna

My passion for food definitely comes from my grandfather, I spend a lot of time at my grandparents as a child, and I used to watch my grandfather in the kitchen tasting and smelling the food with so much joy as he was listening to his jazz music.
He always put so much love into the food everyday and as much as he liked eating, he loved watching everyone enjoy his home-cooked meals.

But my real interest in food did’t begin until later in my 20’s and I changed my ways off eating, and vegetables became the main ingredients in my meals. It has been a long journey of exploration & creativity into a whole other world of food I didn’t know existed.

In 2017 I moved to Barcelona to study hospitality management and during this time I became very engaged in sustainability around what and how we eat, how it affects our planet, health and all living beings. During this time my health declined and I needed to make a big change in my lifestyle, so I dropped out of university, moved back home and enrolled at IIN, I graduated in 2019, and during this journey I developed a deeper passion for food, cooking and holistic health. In 2021 I did a 3 month apprentice ship at shambala gatherings retreat kitchen and had the best time of my life. Later on that year I studied the course Eko-vegetariskt kök where I learned more about the history of food, and the importance of seasonal, organic, local food & sustainability.

For the past four years, I’ve been living on the road, working and cooking at various retreats and venues. I’ve taken on roles as a head chef, apprenticeship mentor, cooked at a surf hostel Portugal, and hosted events, gatherings and workshops in Sweden and around Europe. During this time, I’ve collaborated with well-known retreat and wellness centers such as Shambala Gatherings, The Soul Space Retreat, Panama Yoga Studio, Hale Center, Cocoon Portugal, Kärlingesund Retreat Center, and more.

I host my own retreats, gatherings & events together with other creative and passionate women. You can look at our female led project here at wild feminine rising.

My mission is to inspire people to a more sustainable way of eating. By focusing on a veg-centric way of cooking, there are so many fun way you can use plant foods to create an abundant plate to eat without compromising on either taste or texture, and to make it a joyous experience.

When I don’t cook I love to travel and gather inspiration from all around the world. You will mostly find me dancing in the kitchen, by the ocean or barefoot in the forest.

My green food philosophy

My food philosophy is based on a wholesome, balanced, veg-centric kitchen. Where the vegetables and grains get to be in the center of attention. I aim to create a delicious meal that is not only healthy but packed with flavors that makes your taste buds dance of joy. I like to combine both food rich in flavor and let the vegetable taste like the actual vegetable to create the perfect balance. I love to explore different flavors from the whole world with seasonal, fresh produce to create authentic eating experiences from soul to table. I love to keep the meals plant based, wholesome, healthy, and sustainable, and to inspire others that creating a delicious meal can be both easy, fun and taste great without having to compromise with flavours or textures.

I want people to enjoy the experience of cooking and know that what they’re eating is going to make them feel good, and of course be delicious.